Friday, April 29, 2011

hurt :(

i know i'm not perfect .i'm very

hot temper kind a person , ugly , lazy , cannot play sports,
yeahh its

true ! but i'm know that's inside of me, telling me im caring,honest,loyal and happy

go lucky person and if your one of my friends u will know as a love to laugh out loud

,like to tease other peoples , good listner but u will not know what the feeling s

inside of me such as when i'm gt hurt , when im cry .all this i do it alone all by

myself , no counselor to help or solve my problems . every night i cry .cry about

life , love and friendship .i wanna be everyone's darling , i guess i can't :( we

can't expect everyones love us as we are .they just take advantange on me .when they

happy, they forget me but when hard time ,they return to me . now,i'm really hurt !

they all plastic.FAKE !!

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